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International services

We serve you in Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Estonian, English, Persian, Turkish, Vietnamese and Ukrainian. We have a long experience in financial management with international customers. We have offices around Finland but also in Estonia, which is a great opportunity to internationalize your business.

Nordic C-Management is thrilled to announce it has become part of an award-winning international alliance of accounting firms; INPACT. Whether our clients want to expand overseas or a company in one of alliance’s 67 member countries is wondering if they should take their business to the Nordic region, with INPACT it is now made in to a more convenient and trustworthy process.

INPACT provides Nordic C-Management a platform for cooperation, learning and sharing within independent, non-competing accounting firms worldwide. INPACT membership brings true value to our current and future clients by having access to trusted expertise in all of the 67 countries across the globe. Members work hand in hand to share companies or private individuals the best possible knowledge and connections when wanting to move overseas with their businesses or simply if they need sophisticated advice provided across borders.

By becoming part of this highly respected alliance our clients will receive added value in the form of information, connections and services. To us being part of INPACT means understanding the challenges and opportunities of our ever-changing global marketplace and wanting to help our clients reach their goals without having to spend unnecessary time doing research about different regulations, laws and business cultures.

Business address services

We provide companies with address services in Finland and Estonia. Business address services allow us to receive letters from your company to our office. We fill forward them as desired to the address desired by your company.

Our service allows your company to operate from Finland or Estonia without having an actual office and can thus be registered with the public and local Trade Register.

The service includes:

  • Post reception
  • Forwarding mail (scan/post)
  • Pick up mail directly from the office 9am-5pm
  • Mail storage max 2 weeks

Business address services in Estonia

You can add an address for your business in Estonia to our Estonian office. It’s close to the Old Town and Viru Center. The office is located in a prestigious area with good transport links.

Nordic C-Management Oü
Accounting firm Tallinn
Viru 9
10140 Tallinn

Business address services in Helsinki

We provide your company with address services in Finland from our Helsinki office headquarters. Our accounting office is located in the heart of the city, in the immediate vicinity of Kamppi Metro Station. The building is a 12-storey office building with two separate tower blocks.

Nordic C-Management
Accounting office Helsinki
Salomonkatu 17 B, 9th floor
00100 Helsinki

Business address service for company costs only 10e / per month

  • Price includes postal scans
  • We will charge separately for sending mail packages

The Service is valid until further notice and you can cancel it at any time with a 1 month notice.
When using the business address service, it is important that you inform us immediately of any changes to your contact information.


As a separate service we offer companies E-Citizenship (E-Resident) from Estonia, which enables an entrepreneur to obtain a digital ID (digital ID) and electronic identity in Estonia. A digital ID card makes it easy for you to do business in Estonia, as many of the day-to-day things like signing documents and opening business bank accounts can be handled directly online without having to visit Estonia. Application processing time is about 1 month. E-citizenship has no tax implications and is not official citizenship, so it cannot be used as a travel document or identity document.

To handle your e-citizenship, we arrange transportation to the Estonian Police and Border Guard on your behalf and provide a local guide for your convenience. The service costs 200e and includes a digital identity card (E-residence).

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