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Our services

We offer you broad bookkeeping- and financial statement services. In addition, we take care of legal tasks, reporting to the tax office, administration of your tax account and the writing of your tax return. We are also willing to help you in special situations such as company mergers and dissolution.

Accounting services

From us you get all bookkeeping services such as electronic bookkeeping and tax returns. If desired we take care of your company’s financial management comprehensively. Our service selection also includes outsourced accounts ledger- and billing services.

Invoice services and accounts ledger services

Our invoice service covers purchase and sales invoices, and following-up of the payment traffic. We provide information about the financial position of your company, reference lists and open account sales at all times. We also offer debt collection services, through our partner companies.

Financial Management

We always tailor our financial management services in a way that best suits our customers. From our broad service selection, you may choose the services that are beneficial to your business. It is our objective to enable you to intensify your work and reduce your costs. Our kind, professional staff is here to serve you, so that you will benefit from our services. This way you and your employees can direct your resources to developing your business and sales.

Payroll administration

You can outsource your payroll administration completely to us, and we take care of all required work and duties. We manage employment-, collective labor agreement- and holiday matters and reports.

Other services

Our personnel include people who are specialized in mergers, dissolution and other similar situations. We also help you with establishments of companies and insurance questions. Our partner companies offer auditing services. We also draw up different records. Nordic C-Management draws up and files the important annual general meeting minutes, and minutes of the government. We charge an hourly pay for this service.

Collecting Commissions

Our partner company also manages all collection commissions, which for example enable sales receivables to be moved efficiently to collection. This service is off charge to you, which leads to additional costs savings.

Please contact us and ask for an offer on our versatile and cost-efficient accounting service!

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